Meet Martin Maurer — our Blockchain Developer

Martin Maurer, Weeve Blockchain Developer.

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With over 19 years of extensive business and tech related experiences across continents, Martin is a key asset to the weeve team.

His expertise ranges from business strategies, blockchain technologies, spatial computing, Functional Programming to Smart Contract writing.

This all-rounder attitude explains why Martin has taken it upon himself to learn everything he can about blockchain technologies, including understanding the intricate details of Solidity smart contracts, and an extensive list of other technologies.

I once asked Martin why he is so driven towards continual learning and his response was quite simple, his goal is to teach his kids proper IT, in an ever-evolving technological world.

Martin explaining blockchain technology

Last year, Martin became the lead inventor of Bountyboards, at the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center Ethereum Hackathon co-hosted by weeve (formally known as eciotify). Bountyboards is a prototype skateboard that uses Ruuvi sensors and weeve software to let riders earn Ether for completed tricks. This skateboard is still in a developmental stage, but it demonstrates his innate desire to have fun by experimentation and his curiosity that drives his continual learning.

Martin sees weeve as a company that encompasses two of the world’s most prominent topics, blockchain technologies and the Internet of Things, and to him, this is an extremely exciting space to play (work) in.

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